Sunday, October 4, 2015


I know it's been a long time since I posted any song here. Like I mentioned in one of the posts that I have been running busy due to shifting to US and starting with the grad school. Finally, while traveling to school, I managed to write this. Hope you guys like this. Would love some feedback :)
Have a great day guys!


Sometimes, I feel that 
Time is just passing by
I feel so empty
And I even don't know why

Maybe it's that love has deserted me 
Maybe cupid has not struck for me
Seems like things are going haywire
I am alone and fed up of liars


Wonder why so much pain
I try to lessen it but all in vain
Broken trust and fake assurance
Somebody please give me reassurance

That it's not what it seems to be 
I can still take a step ahead
Without any fear of losing myself
And starting it all over again


I have hurt myself enough
Even truths seem to be bluff
I am strong but brittle too
Wonder if ever dream love would come true

Meet so many people who say I am nice
Then why do they leave me in a vice
Of isolation, cheating and lies
"Perhaps", someday I too will meet someone nice
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Alone by Vishesh Kumar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Hi Guys,
                  It's been a busy month for me as I moved to the United States. I have started working on a few songs that will be published soon on the blog. Keep a close watch till then. Happy weekend!

Monday, September 7, 2015



Why do you care
What anyone thinks about you
They notice coz you are rare
So why to fear if you are walking alone

You tread a different path
Which makes you unique
Just don't pay heed to their 
Sarcasm and prejudiced psyche

Just believe in yourself
You are alright
There's nothing wrong with you
Wrong are the narrow minds 
Put a step forward not behind 
Don't keep your ID aside 
Coz there's a better coming tomorrow

( 1)

You are made butt of all jokes 
People call you crazy
You expect your day to be good 
But things turn out to be hazy
Some show fake sympathy
To show that they stand for your rights 
But where their support takes off
When you are dragged into non essential fights
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Tomorrow by Vishesh Kumar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Namaste! Hola! Hey! Greetings! Hallo!
I know that past couple of songs have been on a tragic side as these songs come straight from my heart and reflect my mood, but something has rejuvenated me and here is a welcome relief for all of you :) This is a romantic song, perhaps you can dedicate it to your date haha ;) Happy reading :)

Not a day goes by
When I don’t think of you
Not a moment passes by
When I don’t miss you
                You have given me not one
               But a thousand reasons to smile
              You are that special one
             Without whom I can’t survive

My days start with your smile
And nights end with your hugs
You make my world complete
You are the one whom I love

I don’t need words to express
What I feel for you
You are in my thoughts
And my heart’s address that’s you
And it won't change

Through all highs and lows
Through each crest and trough
I won’t leave your hand
Even if the skies get rough
    I don’t care what people say
    You are the one that matters the most
    My lifeline is your love
    I won’t let you go at any cost

When the darkness would ever fall
I will be your ray of light
We will spin web of sweetest memories
And catch only the things that are right
                Our love will grow stronger day by day
                Tough times will test us time and again
                If I had million lives
                I would be with you again and over again

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Thanks to all the viewers who make me feel that my songs are getting better :) Keep up the support! Have a great weekend 

Monday, May 18, 2015

This song is somewhat different in pattern from my other songs. Let me know what you guys think of it :


Again I found myself 
In the realms of darkness where there's no light
I try to forget but always fail 
Nothing now brings me respite

Your promises, they rusted away
Your memories haven't faded
I try to control but lose it all
I drown in lonely waters that can't be waded

You brought me miseries
Now I am a bygone mystery
Thought we would be future
But now I am no more than a history

I wanted to live but you took my soul
I wanted to love but you stabbed my heart
Damage now done to the extent
I don't know where to start

You said you would stand by my side
But now look you swayed me aside
You could have said it upfront
What was the need to play seek and hide

As the pale leaves rustle away
and odds turn against me
I gave you what I had already, do me a favor

Take what is left of me
Take what is left of me
Take what is left of me

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Wish That This Never Happened by Vishesh Kumar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Sunday, May 3, 2015

It's the latest list of views across the globe and I want to say thanks to all of you for reading my songs. It's a humble request that you all give me feedback about my songs as this would help me write even better. 

Here's the latest list of views. 

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Thanks a ton to all of you :) Please, do give me feedback on the songs.